Albums featuring Sweet Charles Sherrell:



James Brown: I Got the Feelin' (K 1031)

Mary Queenie: Lyons Soul Fever (King/DeLuxe DLP-12001) (year?)



James Brown: Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud (K 1047)

James Brown: The Popcorn (K 1055)

Marva Whitney: It's My Thang (K 1062)

James Brown: It's a Mother  (K 1063)

Marva Whitney: Live and Lowdown at the Apollo (K 1079)



James Brown Ain't It Funky (K 1092)

James Brown It's a New Day – Let a Man Come In (K 1095)

James Brown Sex Machine (K 1115)



James Brown Hot Pants (PD 4054)

James Brown Revolution of the Mind – Live at the Apollo Vol. III (PD 3003)



James Brown: Get on the Good Foot (PD 3004) – bass

The JBs: Food for Thought (PE 5601) - bass on some songs

Lyn Collins: Think (About It) (PE 5602) – bass

Maceo & All the King’s Men: Funky Music Machine (Excello EX-8022) – bass, vocals & lead vocal on "Feeling alright"



The JBs Doin’ It to Death: (PE 5603) – backing vocals

Maceo Parker: Us (PE 6601) – bass on “Soul power ’74” and “PARRTY”



James Brown: The Payback (PD 3007) – bass

James Brown: Hell (PD 9001) - bass on half of the songs

Fred Wesley & the JBs; Damn Right I Am Somebody (PE 6602)– bass


Sweet Charles Sherrell: For Sweet People from Sweet Charles (PE 6603)

"Strangers In The Night" – vocals

"Soul Man" – vocals

"Dedicated To The One I Love" – vocals

"I'll Never Let You Break My Heart Again" – vocals

"Why Can't I Be Treated Like A Man" – vocals, music & lyrics

"I Like It Like That" – vocals

"Give The Woman A Chance"– vocals, music & lyrics

"Yes It's You" – vocals

"Outa Sight" – vocals

Fred Wesley & the New JBs: Breakin’ Bread (PE 6604) – clavinet
James Brown: Papa Don't Take No Mess (live Soul Train) – clavinet



James Brown: Sex Machine Today (PD 6042)

James Brown: Everybody's Doin' the Hustle and Dead on the Double Bump (PD 6054)

Lyn Collins: Check Me Out If You Don’t Know Me By Now (PE 6605) – bass only on “Rock Me Again & Again”

The JBs: Hustle with Speed (PE 6606) – some songs clavinet, some bass



James Brown: Sex Machine Live (PD 9004 reissue of K 1115)

James Brown: Get Up Offa That Thing (PD 6071)

James Brown: Bodyheat (PD 6093)



James Brown: Mutha's Nature (PD 6111) – wrote “Nature” and arranged the album



James Brown: Jam 1980's (PD 6140) – wrote “Jam” played bass and sang on the whole album



James Brown: Take a Look at Those Cakes (PD 6181) – bass



James Brown: Hot on the One (PD 6290) – arranged the album, keys, backing vocals



James Brown: Live in New York – bandleader, keys, bass



James Brown: Ain't That a Groove – The JB Story 1966-69

James Brown: Doing It to Death – The JB Story 1970-73



James Brown: Dead on the Heavy Funk 74-76



James Brown: Live at the Apollo, Volume 2, Part 1

(Rhino RNLP-217, reissue of record one, K1022) - bass

James Brown: Live at the Apollo, Volume 2, Part 2

(Rhino RNLP-218, reissue of record two, K1022)

James Brown: Live In Concert – bandleader, bass

James Brown: In The Jungle Groove

James Brown: James Brown's Funky People Vol. 1



James Brown: Motherlode – bass on: “She’s the One,” “Say It Loud,”

“Can I Get Some Help”, “You Got to Have a Mother for Me”, “Baby Here I Come”,

“People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul”

James Brown: James Brown's Funky People, Vol. 2



James Brown: Soul Session Live (ZK 45164) – bandleader, vocals, keys

James Brown: Tribute (Scotti Brothers) – bandleader



James Brown: Love-OverDue – bandleader, wrote “Dance to the Funk”

James Brown: Star Time

Yo Yo featuring ICE CUBE  – co-wrote “You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo” 


James Brown: Universal James – wrote “Georgia-Lina,” bandleader, vocals



James Brown: Funk Power 1970: A Brand New Thang

James Brown: Foundations of Funk: A Brand New Bag 1964-1969

“Spank” – wrote “Spank,” vocals

“Make It Funky”

“The Big Payback”

James Brown: Live At Chastain Park – bandleader, vocals, keys

James Brown: Live At The Apollo 1995  – bandleader, vocals, keys



Maceo Parker: Funkoverload – vocals on “Sing a simple song” and “Tell me something good”

James Brown: Dead On The Heavy Funk

“Kiss in ’77” – songwriter, vocals, clavinet

“Bodyheat” – bass, clavinet, vocals, arrangements

“Give Me Some Skin” – clavinet

“Bessie” – co-writer, lead vocals, bass, arrangements

“Jam 1980” – keys, vocals

“Spank”’ – songwriter, clavinet, vocals, arrangements

“Nature” – songwriter, clavinet, electric piano, vocals, arrangements

“Eyesight” – clavinet, electric piano

“I Never, Never, Never Will Forget” – bass

James Brown Original Funky Divas: – piano, arrangements on “Summertime”



James Brown: Say It Live and Loud (Live in Dallas) – bass



Maceo Parker: Dial Maceo – vocals on “I’ve Got Work to Do”

James Brown: Funky People Vol. 3



Gotcha!: 5.2595512200 – vocals on “The way we roll”, “She loves me”, “Gotcha!”



Gotcha!: Live from the Oldschool – vocals on all songs,

“Hang out and hustle”’ – songwriter (lyrics and music) and vocals



Sweet Charles Sherrell: Universal love

"Intro" - music, lyrics & vocals

"Smooth groove" - music: Charles & Martine Sherrell

"Can’t you feel the groove" -

music: Charles & Martine Sherrell

lyrics & vocals: Charles Sherrell

Sub-arrangement: Edgar ‘Burley” Burleson

"Universal love" - music, lyrics & vocals: Charles Sherrell

"C’est la vie" -

music, arrangement & vocals: Charles Sherrell

music & lyrics: Martine Sherrell

lyrics: Ronald ‘Rock” Laster

"Damn, T" - music, Lyrics & vocals: Charles Sherrell

"Space track" -

music: Pieter ‘Pooper’ Smeenk

lyrics: Martine Sherrell

arrangement & vocals: Charles Sherrell

"Who paid ya?" -

music, Lyrics & vocals: Charles Sherrell

lyrics: Nico ‘Kid Crash’ van der Drift

"Smooth groove - part 2" - music: Charles & Martine Sherrell

"Special" - music, Lyrics & vocals: Charles Sherrell

"Hang out & hustle live with GOTCHA!" -  music, Lyrics & vocals: Charles Sherrell





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